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Dream in childhood, happiness in family!

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Guangdong Family of Childhood Toys Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 and is located in Qingyuan City, Guangzhou.

It is a comprehensive amusement equipment enterprise integrating product innovation, design and manufacture. It has a product design center, a large-scale multi-purpose exhibition hall, multiple branches and a factory covering an area of over 80,000 square meters.

The childhood-oriented family is market-oriented, quality first, integrity first, and gradually forms a product system based on children’s slides, outdoor fitness equipment,
water park entertainment venues, and kindergarten facilities.

The quality of childhood family products has been well guaranteed and reached the international advanced level.

Childhood dreams, family happiness!


The overall design for kindergarten, preschool education supplies equipment and outdoor facilities and other projects.

Childhood group with the unique manufacturing technology and quality such as strength, with professional service day, insist on the thinking of planning.

Pay attention to the project the depth of field and can be for-profit, provide overall planning for kindergarten, market research, investment analysis, project planning, kindergarten design and engineering construction, operational planning, hosting operating one-station service.

Why choose us

Dream in childhood, happiness in family!
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Direct selling, so preferential

Direct sales to end customers is Family of Childhood sales model.We are committed to building a global distribution of proprietary distribution network, is our clients is the best price from the manufacturer directly.

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Innovative Technology

Family of Childhood is one of the national industry standard drafting unit player, continue to put into research and development design, integration of industry innovation service platform, to ensure the product design innovative, technology leading.

Professional,Technological, International.

Demanding material is the assurance of quality, we pursue quality, it is the precondition of honor.We desire to honor, this is our success, and so on.We firmly
believe that: hard, sweat and effort, will create a more brilliant future of Family of Childhood.

Our team

Dream in childhood, happiness in family!

We are have common goals, and a group of people with different abilities.
This group of people are short of one cannot.Our team is a group of creative
consciousness, share a common goal, have different of young professional
at least as a whole.And the era of big data, seize opportunities, seeks the
development, has become the consensus of the broad masses of workers to
meet challenges.To “let the children happy growth” for the purpose, adhere
to the “quality is life” as the fundamental.More become a new challenge,
seek new development, achieve new breakthroughs in strong driving force.
Faith, inheriting the spirit, is the sign of a mature enterprise.

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Dream in childhood, happiness in family!