Indoor trampoline

Indoor trampoline, trampoline equipment: is used for kindergarten kids ´╝îmiddle school students or adult. The main items of the park are trampoline open area, fun dodge ball, extreme dunk area, fancy sponge pool, Ninja obstacle race, etc.

Indoor trampoline open area: the international level trampoline connected by the bounce space has more than 40 trampolines. including the famous tilting trampoline, bounce platform and other surprise, test people’s body function in the air.
Play fun dodge ball: cool trampoline theme park features the first all-over trampoline dodge course. Dodge ball + net + spring mattress wall = endless fun!
Dunk zone: for all the fans who want to dunk but can’t.
Fancy type sponge pool: borrow trampoline to make the body volley and rise. after finishing all sorts of action in the air, jump into sponge pool directly. the action can breathtaking, attitude can be very beautiful, however.
Ninja obstacle: challenge the impossible, and when you reach the finish line, you feel like you can do anything. Suitable for corporate or group activities.

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